Election Results since 2013

Election Results to date:

Witney parliamentary election 2016 (David Cameron stood down as MP)
129 Witney loonies voted OMRLP for the Mad Hatter- that's 0.3% of all votes cast!
  2015 General Election Oxford East results
145 Oxford residents voted Monster Raving Loony- that's about 0.3% of all votes cast!

2014 Oxford city local election for Carfax ward

Hats off for a 2.9% Loony turn-out-despite mass campaigning, the vote went down 0.1%!
See results at

2014 Election Interview article on 'Why Oxford needs a Loony Candidate' at

2013 Oxfordshire County local election for University Parks ward:

Oxford residents officially 3% Loony. See all results at

Top-of-the-crop 2013 media report prize goes to Max Long & co's Tea Pot Campaign interview for the Cherwell Students News Video- see below at

Other voting news results and predictions- The Scotland Referendum

Howling Lord Hope confirmed in September 2014 that it was the Official Monster Raving Loony Party who first came up with the three recommended options for the Scotland Independence Vote ballot paper i.e. In, Out, Shake it all About (aka more devolved powers for Scotland.

This news, courtesy of http://www.loonyparty.com/about/co-ale-ition-news/

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