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Witney election 2016 write-up by John Crace of the Guardian, mentions the OMRLP and Mad Hatter. 
They completely misquoted what I did say but of well, it's still publicity:

Mad Hatter was interviewed by Aura Willows of 'Secrets of Oxford' blog

See article from 2015 at

Mad Hatter Tours will appear in 2016 in the German Press and on a Dutch TV travel show called, De Literaire Toerist (‘the literary tourist’). In addition to the show being promoted on a Dutch national newspaper called Het Parool.

This show was filmed on July 4th 2015, 'Alice Day', in Oxford Botanical Gardens, following Mad Hatter's Un-birthday party for local children.

Mad Hatter Tour Guide was interviewed by Channel 8 That's TV News in July 2015. See excerpt from program here at link at

Tune in to, to see Mad Hatter on BBC 1 Master Chef (tune in from 29 minutes after start of program) for a very experimental mad hatter tea party cooked by UK celebrity chefs. This MasterChef program was filmed on theme of the 150th anniversary of the publication of 'Alice in Wonderland'. with the theme of course of the Mad hatter's tea party. The filming took place at my favourite garden pub called 'The Perch' in Binsey, just outside Oxford. This is one of the places where we often go to on the bike tours.

The program info is listed below at

Oxford University's official newspaper called 'The Oxford Student' published this fun introduction to Mad Hatter's election campaign at

Oxford students' Cherwell newspaper also did a piece on the election campaign- scroll down to see their interview piece with Mad Hatter at

This might be of interest to you- just been published. You can see how Mad Hatter responded to the Oxford University Student Union's request for General Election 2015 candidates to answer questions which they sent us.

See what Mad Hatter Oxford candidate wrote at

See Mad Hatter's rational take here in election hustings 2015 recording on the UK's Lunatic Housing Policies at

See fun article on my election bid at OCELOT arts/entertainment Thames valley area magazine at

N.B. You have to click the right hand arrow until you arrive at page 6!

See The Oxford Mail March 2015 report on Hustings at

See Cherwell student newspaper video interview with Mad Hatter from 2013. This is my favourite piece of publicity to date. It came out very well at

See video published by 'Oxford Playhouse' for the city's community led soapbox event at

See The Oxford Mail article on Mad Hatter's April Fool's Day run-on-the-banks money-growing trees stunt at

See 2014 Oxford Mail article on why Mad Hatter is mad-as-a-hatter with Oxford city council's sponsoring a completely biased, corrupted (anti-small business) visitor (mis) information centre at

See Oxford Mail article on Mad Hatter guide's taking part in annual Oxford's Alice Day 2014 at

See more here on why Mad Hatter got originally inspired to stand in elections, to oppose the city Council and their funding an unfair monopoly, which destroys his livelihood as a guide at 

See article in Oxford Mail 2014 about my 'Alice' colleague dressed up as 'Mad Hatter' entertainer for a Mad Hatter themed tea party for an elderly care home at

See 'Secrets of Oxford' Blog interview with Mad Hatter about the Secrets of Alice at

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  1. Mad Hatter is not publicity-shy and as Mad hatter is also an entertainer, if you see an opportunity to have Mad Hatter help make a story newspaper headlines for your organisation or campaign issue, please write Mad Hatter.

    Mad Hatter has sometimes volunteered for good projects too.